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Maths & English

So you’d love a job but don’t have the confidence to take that first step? Is your reading, writing and maths holding you back?  Don’t let that stand in the way of your future. At Ignite Colleges we’ll help you improve your maths and english so you can live a better life and get a good job.  Stop dreaming and get started!

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Maths & English Programmes

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    Maths & English

    Intakes: Weekly

    Struggling with maths and english?  This free course is just what you need! It will help you in your daily life and give you confidence and independence. Have a doctor’s appointment? No problem! Need to go shopping? No problem! We’ll teach you the maths and english skills you need to live a better life in New Zealand, every day. Plus it’s a great introduction to further study or a new job. You may even qualify for a free laptop!

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