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Freight & Logistics

  • Freight & Logistics

    “I worked in shipping and warehousing for ten years but last year I was made redundant. A friend of mine suggested I study Freight and Logistics at Ignite, so I enrolled in Level 3, and have just graduated. Even though I’d worked in international shipping, there was so much more about the industry that I didn’t know. I especially loved learning about the process of freight and gaining an overview of how the industry works as a whole.

    “My tutor was fantastic and taught me a lot. He is really good at what he does. I’d love to stay on for Level 4, but as a mother of five, taking time off to study is quite difficult. Hopefully one day soon Ignite Colleges will offer this course as a night class! At the moment I’m in the middle of the interview process for an assistant coordinator role, which I feel very excited about. It’s definitely my dream to build a career in the freight logistics sector. I find the process of getting stuff to where it’s supposed to go, extremely interesting. There is so much more to it than you would expect!”

    Sui Vili
    NZ Certificate in International Freight Logistics Level 3

  • Freight & Logistics

    “I’ve been working for Inter-Freight as a swinglift operator for about three years, and I’ve been driving for 20. I came to Ignite because I want to be working in the office as a despatch person instead of driving. When I looked into it I realised you make more money sitting in an office than you do behind a steering wheel!

    “When I first started at Ignite, I found it hard to get my brain into study mode, but after a month or six weeks I was into it. The course was really valuable thanks to my brilliant teacher. I enjoyed everything, but particular highlights were learning about shipping and air cargo paperwork, understanding how to work out weights and volumes, and learning about documentation. I’m so glad I came to Ignite Colleges. The staff are really inspirational. They’re always happy and friendly and are really encouraging. If it wasn’t for their support I don’t think I would have completed.

    “Now I’m about to graduate and Inter-Freight have already offered me a part-time job in the office doing despatch, so I’m pretty happy. I’d love to carry on with my studies and gain my Level 4 qualification and my aim is to eventually be out on port in distribution or despatch.”

    Delamere Te Haara
    NZ Certificate in International Freight Logistics Level 3

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  • Hospitality

    “I love making drinks and interacting with people, so I think working in the hospitality industry could be my perfect career! I used to work in a call centre, but I was ready for a change, and when my sister-in-law told me all about her hospitality studies at Ignite Colleges I decided to enrol.

    “I started my course in March and I love it. I’ve made heaps of new friends and learnt how to make lots of cool drinks. This will be very useful because my dream is to own my own bar one day. After I finish Level 3 I’m going to stay on at Ignite and gain my NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 4. In Level 4 you get your LCQ Certificate (Licence Controller Qualification), which is really important if you want to work in bars.”

    Stephanie Mackie
    NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 3

  • Hospitality

    “Before coming here, I was in high school, but I found it difficult. I wanted to try something different and meet some new people. Ignite Colleges is completely different from school! I love being surrounded by a wide variety of people of all ages. Everyone here really supports and encourages each other. They have your back. I must admit, I was a bit nervous at the beginning because I didn’t know anyone, but it didn’t take me long to settle in and feel comfortable. It’s a really supportive and positive environment.

    “I decided to study hospitality because I like cooking and making coffees. I’ve learnt so much about coffee on this course and I love the fact that Ignite has its own café, so I’m gaining work experience and improving my skills every day. Sometimes I work as a barista in the café and other times I make the food. I love it all! And the best part is, once I graduate and get a job, I’ll be able to slot right in because I’ll know exactly what I am doing.”

    Vaine Tutai Marsters
    NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 3

  • Hospitality

    “After leaving school earlier this year I got a job at New World, which gave me lots of confidence and developed my customer service skills. I was keen to keep building my knowledge and expanding my skill set, so when a friend recommended Ignite Colleges, I decided to enrol in their Level 2 hospitality programme.

    “The course is great. I love it! Everyone is very friendly and I’ve made so many new friends. The tutors are funny, and always ready to help you if you need it, which makes learning a lot easier. I’ve loved working with the other hospitality classes in the Ignite Colleges café. They tell us about what they are learning in Level 3 and they encourage us. It’s a very inspiring environment.”

    Christini Tetava

  • Hospitality

    “I dropped out of school at the beginning of 2015 and spent over a year just staying at home. Sitting in bed watching TV all day gets pretty depressing after a while. I knew if I wanted to get anywhere in life I had to get out there and do something. I love cooking and I’m a really social person so I decided to study hospitality at Ignite Colleges.

    “Since studying at Ignite I have discovered a passion for bar service and bartending. I’ve also enjoyed our barista training, learning how to make all the different coffees, and understanding the origins behind the coffee beans. We have our own student run café at Ignite, so we gain work experience while we study. We study theory in the classroom in the mornings and then work in the café every day from 11.30am until 2.30pm. We learn how to serve customers and handle money, and we even get to do functions on campus. We get lots of work experience opportunities.

    “Before starting this course the only hospitality experience I had was working for a caterer a couple of times, but that was more helping with food preparation in the kitchen. Through studying at Ignite I’ve realised that I really love front-of-house. It’s a lot of fun! I’m about to complete my Level 3 and I’ve decided to stay on at Ignite for Level 4 before looking for a good job as a bartender. Further down the track I want to do my Level 5, gain my Manager’s Certificate and get into hospitality management.

    “I feel so much happier and better about myself now that I have a plan! Hospitality opens so many doors and gives you so many options. Finally I have a career path and a strong sense of direction, and I have Ignite Colleges and this course to thank for it.”

    Daneeka Brooke-Dass
    NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 3

  • Hospitality

    “I moved here from Australia in 2015 and spent a year at high school, but I didn’t really enjoy it. I was looking to study – but in a different environment than school. I stumbled upon the Ignite Colleges website and saw they offered some free courses, so I picked out my favourite subject and enrolled!

    “I’d always wanted to learn more about hospitality and I really loved my Level 3 course. We got to experience lots of different kinds of events and functions, including the catering for a graduation ceremony and the night service for a farewell function. I was also chosen to go out into the community and show people what I’d been learning. At Ignite they have an onsite café for the hospitality students to gain experience in, so I learnt how to make coffees and serve real customers.

    “Initially I was planning to leave after gaining my Level 3 qualification, but I enjoyed it so much that I’ve just started my Level 4! The people at Ignite are really supportive and encouraging, so I knew that if I stayed on for Level 4 I would get all the help I needed to succeed.

    “Studying at Ignite Colleges is completely different from studying at high school, and it is definitely the best place for me. At school there were always lots of different assessments and so many different subjects to juggle, but at Ignite I get to focus on one subject which makes it really easy for me to study. When I graduate later this year I plan to get a job in the hospitality industry and my goal is to eventually work in the airlines or on a cruise ship. That’s one of the great things about hospitality – there are plenty of opportunities to work and travel.”

    Gloria Pati-Tamaalii
    NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 4

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  • Healthcare

    “I am a mother of four boys and a caregiver for my 80 year old mum. I used to work at the airport but through caring for mum I’ve realised how much I enjoy looking after elderly people. I’ve talked to lots of people who work as caregivers and it sounds like such interesting and rewarding work. It’s just the kind of job I’d love to do.

    “That’s why I enrolled at Ignite Colleges to gain my Level 2 Healthcare qualification – I knew I’d need a certificate and some experience to get started in the healthcare sector. This course gives you two weeks of practical experience which I’m particularly looking forward to. I love being an Ignite student. I never miss a day because I enjoy coming here so much. I’m learning lots and love mingling with everyone. This is a wonderful opportunity – I feel so, so happy!

    “I think my love of older people stems from growing up in the Islands and always looking after my parents. I can’t wait to get a job in a rest home so that I can take good care of all the elderly residents.”

    Lemau Fomai
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 2 - Online

  • Healthcare

    “After spending all my life in Samoa, I moved to New Zealand in 2016, seeking a better education and brighter future for my four children. Back in Samoa I worked in retail and did volunteer reading at the local primary school. I’m really passionate about helping kids learn to read and write!

    “My dream is to study early childhood education, but first I had to improve my maths and english, so I studied literacy and numeracy at Ignite Colleges. It made a huge difference – I gained a lot more confidence and a far better understanding of english and maths. From there I studied Ignite’s free Level 2 Health and Wellbeing programme which was also really valuable. I learned first aid, and CPR, which will be very useful in my ECE career, and I especially enjoyed my three weeks of clinical experience at Erin Park Care Home. I’ve just graduated from Level 2, and am about to start Ignite’s Level 4 Early Childhood Education programme. I might even go on to further ECE studies after I graduate. Working in an ECE centre is my long-term goal.

    “I really enjoy studying at Ignite. The tutors are very helpful, everyone is extremely supportive, and I’ve made lots of new friends. Classes are small so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Coming back to school hasn’t been easy. I study during the day and work in the afternoons and evenings, so it’s pretty busy. But I don’t mind, because I really want to follow my dream. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than becoming an early childhood teacher.”


    Asolima Valu Taliaoa
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 2 - Online

  • Healthcare

    “I saw a pamphlet advertising an Open Day at Ignite Colleges and my friend and I decided to come along and take a look. I’d returned from a mission a few months earlier and had just been staying at home doing nothing. I haven’t actually been in paid employment since the 1990’s when I worked as a machine operator. I wasn’t really intending to enrol, but I really liked the look of the place, so I signed up for Ignite’s free maths and english programme. It was a good course and it really improved my grammar.

    “After I graduated the staff encouraged me to stay on and study healthcare. I’m really enjoying it because we are learning such valuable things. Our health is something that impacts on us every day so it’s really good to learn more about all the different diseases and deepen my knowledge and understanding. I’m especially enjoying the practical component of the course – they have special clinics set up where we learn how to take each other’s blood pressure, use the hoist to lower the bed and down, and things like that. It’s fun! We also get to go out into the community for a few weeks and do our clinical. After I gain my Level 3 I’ll either stay on for Level 4, or get a job in healthcare. Eventually I might go back to the islands, and I’d really like to use my expertise to help people there. Samoan people have a high rate of disease – things like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity. There’s a real need for healthcare and I’d love to use my qualification to support and assist people.”

    Elisapeta Tulia
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3 with a strand in Health Assistance

  • Healthcare

    “Building your knowledge and understanding of health is really helpful. It’s not just for the workplace – it’s applicable to everyday life. I can use it on my mother, my husband, my grandchildren. I know more now about how to support, assist and care for people, and I understand more about the different conditions they have. I’ve also learnt about where to go in NZ to get support, and the rights of the elderly, and those with disabilities. This course has really enlightened me.

    “Back home in Tonga I was a school teacher, an examiner, and an administrator for the Ministry of Education. After I retired I moved to New Zealand to look after my grandchildren while my son was at university gaining his PhD. Once he graduated I felt like I needed to do something for myself. I’m an independent woman – I don’t like depending on others! I dreamed of doing a course but didn’t know where to go. Then one day I heard a radio ad about a free course at Ignite Colleges, so my friend and I came in to have a look. I really liked it. I enrolled in Healthcare Level 2, which I have now completed, and I enjoyed it so much that I stayed on for Level 3.

    “I am very used to the classroom environment so for me, studying healthcare was an easy transition and gave me the opportunity to apply all my skills. My biggest challenge was not being in a classroom, or doing the assessments – it was going out into the community and doing my clinicals. During Level 2 I spent three weeks working at Bethesda Home and Hospital, and in Level 3 I did my three weeks clinical at Erin Park Care Home, rotating around different departments. I had to pick things up very quickly, and I found it pretty challenging, but it was also extremely interesting.

    “I’m just about to graduate with my Level 3 qualification, and I’ve already enrolled for Level 4! Ignite Colleges is the first school I’ve ever attended in New Zealand and I love it. Eventually I’d like to go onto Level 5 studies in healthcare and aim to get a good job in the sector. Ultimately, I’d like to work in health advocacy, applying my experience to reach out to people in need, and help them feel more positive about their lives.”

    Unaloto Vaipuna
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3 with a strand in Health Assistance

  • Healthcare

    “I want to work in the healthcare sector because I'm a really caring person and I would like to take care of other people. I enrolled at Ignite Colleges after finishing high school and I’ve absolutely loved it. This place has the best tutors! They are really friendly, they help you in any way they can, and they truly believe in their students. Ignite knows that each student has their own potential and they do everything possible to bring out the best in each and every one of us. At Ignite it is all about the students and seeing them succeed.

    “One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about studying here is having the opportunity to attend careers expos. I’ve been to two of them during my course and they’ve taught me so much. I’m now about to graduate with my Level 4 qualification and from here I plan to continue onto further study in healthcare management and might eventually do a Bachelor of Nursing. My long-term career goal is to manage a rest home.”

    Saakshi Sunnaina
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) Level 4

  • Healthcare

    “I finished Year 13 at the end of last year and have spent this year studying Level 3 and 4 healthcare at Ignite Colleges. My long-term goal is to become a radiologist, so I thought studying healthcare would be a great start. I came into the course as a total beginner – I was more into art and photography at high school and didn’t even take health, so it was all new to me! I’ve loved studying at Ignite. I’ve learnt so much here – far more than I ever thought I would. Some of the highlights have included learning about biology and structures, and doing diagrams. The clinical experience blocks have also been really valuable. For my clinical experience I did work experience at a hospital and rest home and then I stayed on for another three weeks learning about their healthcare systems.

    “Since studying at Ignite Colleges I’ve managed to get a great part-time job as a healthcare assistant at Ultimate Care. They were looking for someone with experience, and thanks to the clinical experience I gained during the course, I had what they were looking for. Ignite gave me a great reference too, so that helped a lot! Next year I’m going to keep working at Ultimate Care part-time and start my radiology studies.”

    Shivani Nadan
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) Level 4

  • Healthcare

    “The minute I stepped into the Ignite Colleges campus I knew I was in the right place. I had an overwhelming feeling of wairua (spirit), a strong sense of belonging – and that was before I’d even signed up! I’d visited a lot of different schools but none of them felt right. When I walked into Ignite I felt instantly uplifted, like I’m really going to become somebody here.

    “I grew up surrounded by people with disabilities. For me, that’s not a label. These people are my whanau, and I was always looking for ways I could help make them happy and feel good about themselves. These experiences helped me understand that everyone is different, and made me appreciate life a lot more. My mum always said I had a natural ability to reach out and connect with people, but until recently, I never thought about tapping into that, and turning that talent into a career.

    “After six or seven years doing seasonal work in Southland I recently returned to Auckland and took time out to really try and pinpoint my passion. I was sick of just working for money – I wanted to find a career path that was fulfilling. I thought about all the people in my family that I’d made a positive impact on, and it gave me such a strong sense of accomplishment. When I listened to my heart, my path was quite clear. More than anything, I just want to make people happy.

    “Ignite’s free Level 2 Health and Wellbeing course was the perfect place to start. The course has been amazing, and when it comes to my tutor, I’m actually lost for words! He brings his own life stories and experiences to the class, and really helps us flourish. He has encouraged me to step into leadership roles, enhancing my skills and giving me confidence. I’ve grown so much since enrolling here.

    “I’m really looking forward to doing my practicum in a few weeks’ time and after I graduate I hope to find a job in a rest home to gain some experience. Next year I’ll be back at Ignite to complete my Level 3 and 4. These qualifications will help me achieve my long-term goal, which is to work as part of a mental health team. Mental health issues - such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia - have had a big impact on my family. I’d love to try and combine my Maori ways and rongoā (traditional medicine) with the skills I’m learning at Ignite. I think that could be very powerful.”

    Pearly-An Grey
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 2 - Online

  • Healthcare

    “The practical training facilities at Ignite Colleges make learning a lot of fun. There is a specially set up hospital room on campus where we learn how to use equipment like hoists and slings, and get taught how to make beds hospital-style. We get to practice on each other, which means when we go out on practicum, we feel a lot more confident.

    “I’ve recently completed a two-week practicum at Bethesda Care. I loved working with the elderly there, and learnt so much from observing the staff and helping out with tasks like feeding, and using the hoist and sling to lift them onto their commodes.

    “I’m really enjoying studying at Ignite. The course is very interesting because we’re not just sitting down writing all day, it’s very hands-on. Plus, my tutor is very good. He’s funny, lively, and explains everything clearly. He definitely keeps the class interesting! Everyone at Ignite is very welcoming and sociable. In fact, I’ve made friends with people from all over the world.

    “Before enrolling at Ignite I was working at an early childhood centre. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and thought gaining some knowledge and qualifications in healthcare would really enhance my skillset. On a personal level I want to learn more about health and aged care because I’m not getting any younger! I want to know the sorts of things I’ll be going through over the coming years. On a professional level, one day I hope I can combine my knowledge of early childhood and health and turn it into a rewarding career. I’d love to start up my own home-based childcare business one day.”

    Penny Lagafaoa
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 2 - Online

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  • Cookery

    “I started studying at Ignite Colleges halfway through last year, gaining my Level 3 hospitality qualification before moving into cookery. I’ve actually been working in the hospitality industry for many years, and I have experience running my own kitchen and training staff – but I need to get my certificates so I can keep moving up in the industry. Currently I’m working full-time as a cook at the Weymouth Cosmopolitan and Sports Club. It’s pretty full-on juggling work and study but I have my sights set on becoming a qualified chef. Once I’m qualified the pay will be better, plus there will be more opportunities to work and travel."

    “I love studying cookery at Ignite. It’s pretty intense but we are learning a lot. Yesterday for example, we cooked five different dishes including Israeli couscous, prawns, red Thai chicken curry and a fine couscous salad with lamb rump and green mint pea puree. The best part of all is you get to eat everything you make! During our 20-week Level 3 course we spend 15 weeks in the training kitchens and five weeks doing work experience. It’s awesome. Every Tuesday we have carving classes with a world-class award-winning Taiwanese fruit and vegetable carver. We’ve already cooked at an Expo at the ASB Showgrounds and we are about to start in-house competitions to find out which students will get to compete in the NZ Hospitality Championships. There’s lots of variety, lots of fun, and lots of hands-on training when you study cookery at Ignite Colleges."

    “I’m definitely staying on here to gain my Level 4 and 5, and I’m going to take advantage of the Spanish internship opportunities that Ignite offers its cookery students. At the end of this year I’ll spend 3 months living in Spain and working at a Michelin-starred restaurant there. I’ve never been out of New Zealand before and I can’t wait to experience a new culture and learn new ways of cooking."

    “Cookery is my passion and has been since I was about 12. I was brought up in a big family and we got taught how to make meals from whatever was in the cupboard. We had to get creative! Eventually I’d like to become a cookery tutor, giving families the skills to eat well on a budget and make the most out of what they already have in their kitchen. I’d also love to open my own café.”

    Angela Scrivener
    Certificate in Culinary Arts Level 3

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Maths & English

  • Maths & English

    “I’ve done all sorts of jobs – I’ve worked in fast food, done labouring, and lawnmowing. Prior to enrolling at Ignite Colleges I was working in a factory. I’m still looking for the right career! I’m really keen on cooking though, so I was excited to hear that Ignite is about to launch a cookery school. I plan to be one of their first cookery students, so decided to do their free maths and english course to brush up on my skills while I am waiting for the course to start. My english was ok anyway but the programme has really boosted my maths. I thought I was pretty good at maths – but it turns out I still had a lot to learn!

    “I’m very excited about starting my cookery studies. I had a trial at a hotel once, but I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Gaining a qualification will give me a lot more confidence in the workplace. I’ve previously studied hospitality, so this course will enable me to broaden my industry skills. In the long term my goal is to open up my own eatery. I love food, I love eating, and I love making people happy. Good food always makes people happy!”

    Chris Herbert
    Maths & English

  • Maths & English

    “I moved from Samoa to New Zealand in 2015, seeking a better future for my family. I started off apple picking in Napier before moving to Auckland, where I’ve worked as a picker and packer and also in a liquor shop. My goal has always been to study in New Zealand, but I needed to earn some money first, so initially I just focussed on work. Now I’m in a position to upskill and am currently studying maths and english at Ignite Colleges.

     “The course is really good.  It’s a great refresher of all the things I learned back in high school plus I’m learning a lot of new vocabulary, and I understand a lot more now when people are talking. In fact, when I first arrived in New Zealand my nieces would tease me in english and I had no idea what they were saying. Now I understand everything!

    “I’m also enjoying the maths side of things. Maths was my favourite subject at high school, so it’s been good to refresh my memory and further develop my maths knowledge. After I finish this course I want to study freight and logistics at Ignite, as my dream is to work in baggage handling at Auckland Airport. Ignite Colleges has lots of networks in freight and logistics, and will also help me with my CV, interview techniques and job hunting skills. It’s great to have that support and encouragement.”

    Levi Siaosi Aokuso
    Maths & English

  • Maths & English

    “I wanted to get into the army but I lacked the maths and English skills so I enrolled in ILN at Ignite Colleges. The course work was hard but my tutor explained everything clearly and simply, so that it was easy to understand. My tutor actually made learning fun! The course was so worthwhile – in fact I reckon I learnt more at Ignite Colleges than I did in high school.

    “After doing the course I applied for the army. They said my maths and English level was great, but unfortunately they turned me down because I have severe asthma. However they suggested I apply for the police force instead. I did that, and it looks like I’ll be starting my training next month!

    “I would recommend Ignite Colleges to anyone. Not only is it a nice environment, but the staff are all very good and get along really well with the students. They are not intimidating in any way; they are supportive and encouraging. They treat students as equals and really know what we need.”

    David Ngatuere-way
    Maths & English

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Pre-Police & Defence Force Training

  • Pre-Police & Defence Force Training

    “I’ve always wanted to join the army – the structure and the lifestyle really appeal to me. I wanted to make sure I got in, so I enrolled in Ignite Colleges’ Defence Force Preparation course to lift my academic level and better prepare myself. I’m at the end of my course now and my tutor helped me put my army application form in last week. I find out in February. Fingers crossed!

    “I’ve enjoyed everything about studying at Ignite – the practical, the physical, the academic. The course is very hands-on and we cover all sorts of things, from automotive to first aid. Yes, some papers are pretty challenging, but you get lots of support from the tutors, so you get through it just fine. The tutors and staff here are so cool and I’ve made so many new friends.”

    Ilaisa Fifita
    Certificate in Police and Defence Force Entry Preparation Level 3

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Early Childhood

  • Early Childhood

    “I have always wanted to work with children. Even when I was little I would set up all my teddies and read them stories! Initially I was thinking of going into primary school teaching but I’ve realised that I’m more suited to early childhood. At the start of this year I enrolled in an ECE correspondence course but I soon realised that that style of teaching doesn’t work for me – I’m the kind of person who needs to be in the classroom, face-to-face with a teacher. So I enrolled at Ignite Colleges, and I’ve loved it!

    “Ignite has been a really good fit for me. My tutor is really nice, I feel comfortable in the classroom, and the programme is very interactive. I like that the training is highly practical – it’s all very well having all the theory, but early childhood is really a subject that you need to get out there and do it in order to understand how things can be applied. During the course I spent two weeks working at Li’l Champs in Ormiston which was great. Having that practical side of the programme is so useful.

    “I did enjoy working in Li’l Champs however I have my sights set on becoming a nanny, rather than working in a centre. There’s less admin, more one-on-one with the children you are caring for, and you have more control over the activities you want to do with your children. It appeals to me more. So next year I’m going to do a Level 5 nanny course and then start my career as a full-time nanny. I plan to work in Auckland for the first year or two, before heading overseas – possibly Sydney - and working as a nanny over there.”

    Amber Meyer

  • Early Childhood

    “I left school last year at the end of Year 11 and spent eight months working with my parents in their cleaning and maintenance businesses. I really wanted to get into nannying though – I help teach kids at karate and I also have quite a bit to do with the young children at our church. I love kids!

    “I’ve really enjoyed studying at Ignite Colleges. The campus is nice and big with a cool café and the atmosphere is good. There are not too many students so I feel comfortable here. As far as my ECE course goes, it has been great. The tutor is really cool – she explains everything well and matches her teaching style to our individual ways of learning. The course is really thorough; we spend lots of time focussing on each unit rather than rushing through topics like we did at high school. Classes are small so we get a lot of one-on-one attention which is great.

    “The practical, hands-on nature of the course has been one of the biggest highlights. We do lots of crafts and learn how to make our own resources. We also spend two weeks working in an early childhood centre. I worked in Tiny Wonders Early Learning Centre in Pukekohe, which was a great opportunity to put everything I had learned in class into practice.

    “Next year I am moving into further study and will gain a Level 5 nanny qualification. After that the world is my oyster – I plan to nanny in New Zealand for a while and eventually go overseas and work.”

    Melanie Bullock

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  • Security

    “I originally trained to be a customer service representative and worked in the contact centre industry for six years. I enjoyed the work – but you spend a lot of time sitting down. I wanted a job that was more active and physical, so I decided it was time to look for a new career.

    “I’m hooked on TVNZ’s Border Security, and one of my best friends also works in security. She has told me a lot about her job. It’s interesting, exciting and no one day is ever the same! When I found out that Ignite was running a free security course I immediately signed up.

    “It’s so good! I always look forward to coming to class. The people are so nice, I’ve made lots of new friends, and my tutor is great. He was a security guard before becoming a tutor so he really knows what he’s talking about! At the moment, we’re learning how to deal with intoxicated or aggressive customers. We do a lot of roleplays, which is fun. We also learn about things like operational requirements, regulations and rights. It’s pretty fascinating.

    “Tomorrow we’re going on a class trip to Auckland Airport, which I’m really looking forward to. Working in security at the airport – and meeting people from all over the world - is basically my dream job. That, or working for Customs. After finishing Level 2 I’m going to gain my Level 3, and then I’ll try and get into airport security. It’ll be 2018 by then. New year, new career!”

    Sera Patolo

  • Security

    “At Ignite they teach you how to dream big. They’re supportive, and their teaching style makes the course easy to understand. We are not just sitting in the classroom writing all day. We do roleplays and lots of other interesting activities. Eden Park security came into our class as guest speakers and we also have a fieldtrip to Auckland Airport. I’m only nine weeks into my course and I’ve already learnt so much – how to deal with people, how to protect ourselves, different laws and regulations.

    “My dad has worked in security for ten years, so I guess you could say I’m following in his footsteps! Ideally, I’d love to work in airport security, and I plan to apply after gaining my Level 2 and 3 security qualifications from Ignite. Eventually though, my dream is to get into the New Zealand Police. I think police officers are real heroes. They do such great work, keeping the peace and protecting people, and one day I would really like to join them.”

    Setima Papalii

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