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Want a career you can feel proud of? Seeking a brighter future for yourself and your family?

At Ignite Colleges we dream big. And we’re here to help you dream big too! We’ll give you the knowledge, practical skills and guidance you need to kick-start your career with our hands-on, relevant training in Hospitality, Cookery, Early Childhood, Healthcare, Freight & Logistics, Pre Police & Defence Force Training and Security. We also offer Maths & English to help you take the next step in your career or study. Whatever direction you are heading, we’ve got you covered!

Our inspiring tutors come direct from industry. They know what you need to succeed and will make sure you graduate with the right skills and qualifications to get a great job. Choose Ignite and hit the ground running in your chosen industry.

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  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Assistant, CHT Hillcrest Mangere

    “I used to be a baker but I’m passionate about helping the elderly and encouraging them to live a happy life, so I decided to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. I gained my Level 3 qualification through another provider and this year I completed Level 4 at Ignite Colleges. I really enjoyed my studies there. I was given so many opportunities and my tutor was absolutely awesome.

    “In fact, thanks to Ignite I have now got my first job in healthcare, working as a healthcare assistant at CHT Hillcrest Mangere. I went there for my Level 4 clinical placement and after three weeks they offered me a job. I’m really enjoying it. I love having the opportunity to help people, I’ve got a great team, and I’m learning new things every day. This year I want to keep working and building my experience, and next year I’m thinking of continuing to upskill and studying pharmacy.”

    Mandeep Kaur
    NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) Level 4

  • Logistics & Transport

    Store person, Fletcher Steel

    “I am a solo mother of two wonderful sons, aged 12 and 6. Although I had my future set with a Degree in Early Childhood Teaching and a Diploma in Business Administration Level 5, I felt like it wasn't enough for me. Ignite Colleges Freight and Logistics programme caught my attention and I decided to enrol to renew my forklift licence and upskill.

    “It was an awesome course. I especially enjoyed developing my health and safety knowledge and practicing in the work environment. Health and Safety became a focus for me – it is crucial to know and understand the importance of health and safety in any working environment.

    “Throughout my studies I was working at PlaceMakers, and after completing Level 4 I applied for several roles that required the skills I’d just gained. I was offered a job with Ports of Auckland doing documentation for cargo coming into New Zealand from overseas. I did that for seven months and then decided my skills would be better utilised at Fletcher Steel, where I’m now working as a store person. One of my responsibilities is overseeing health and safety in my department, so the skills and knowledge I gained at Ignite Colleges is very relevant. My long-term goal is to work my way up and eventually become a boss here!”

    Nga-metua Lavinea Kimiora Pera Maurangi

  • Hospitality

    Front-of-House, The Green Time Eatery

    “As a stay-at-home mum of three I was looking for a study option that would fit in with my family. Ignite Colleges was perfect because the hours were great especially with two children under five, plus the tutors were awesome. They have so much industry knowledge and experience to share with students. I loved my Level 3 and 4 hospitality studies – I met some incredible people, made some really close friendships, and enjoyed being a part of all the events and functions that Ignite runs.

    “My tutors taught me to always take every opportunity that comes your way, because you never know what will be offered to you. They were so right! Earlier this year I got the chance to help one of the tutors at a Valentine’s Day event at a vegan café called The Green Time Eatery in Fort Street, Central Auckland. While I was there, the Director pulled me aside and offered me a job. I was so happy and excited, and now I work front-of-house at Green Time full-time.

    “I really enjoy my job, particularly interacting with different customers, and catering to their different dietary needs. Customer service is key, and the customer service skills I learnt at Ignite help me every day at work. I strive to provide excellent service to every diner so that they will come back again. Eventually I would like to work my way up to become a front-of-house manager, or maybe even own my own restaurant.”

    Maria Frances Teritaiti
    NZ Certificate in Hospitality Level 4

  • Cookery

    Cook, Tui Village

    "I’ve worked at the Tui rest home in Papakura for the last seven or eight years and I’ve had a lot of different roles there, but once I started working in the kitchens I knew I wanted to become a qualified chef. It was pretty scary finding somewhere to study, and going back to school after 20 years, but I’m so glad I did it."

    “I love studying at Ignite Colleges – it’s the best thing I could be doing for my future, and my family. Early on in my course my tutor suggested I complete Ignite’s free Maths & English course. This made my cookery classes a lot easier to understand. Level 3 cookery taught me a lot about health and safety, and I was able to take this newfound knowledge into my workplace where it benefitted everyone."

    “Level 4 is very hands-on. I’m learning lots of new cookery techniques and am getting better and faster with each passing day. Now I can confidently cook four different dishes at once, and I have made lots of improvements to the menu at work. The residents are happy because the food is getting better and better, and my manager trusts me and is giving me more freedom in the kitchen. My goal now is to lift our kitchen grading at work – I’m aiming to get us an A or a B. Eventually though I want to move back to Kiribati and open up my own café. That’s my dream."

    Maria Tutu
    Certificate in Culinary Arts Level 4

  • Early Childhood

    “I left school last year at the end of Year 11 and spent eight months working with my parents in their cleaning and maintenance businesses. I really wanted to get into nannying though – I help teach kids at karate and I also have quite a bit to do with the young children at our church. I love kids!

    “I’ve really enjoyed studying at Ignite Colleges. The campus is nice and big with a cool café and the atmosphere is good. There are not too many students so I feel comfortable here. As far as my ECE course goes, it has been great. The tutor is really cool – she explains everything well and matches her teaching style to our individual ways of learning. The course is really thorough; we spend lots of time focussing on each unit rather than rushing through topics like we did at high school. Classes are small so we get a lot of one-on-one attention which is great.

    “The practical, hands-on nature of the course has been one of the biggest highlights. We do lots of crafts and learn how to make our own resources. We also spend two weeks working in an early childhood centre. I worked in Tiny Wonders Early Learning Centre in Pukekohe, which was a great opportunity to put everything I had learned in class into practice.

    “Next year I am moving into further study and will gain a Level 5 nanny qualification. After that the world is my oyster – I plan to nanny in New Zealand for a while and eventually go overseas and work.”

    Melanie Bullock

  • Security

    “At Ignite they teach you how to dream big. They’re supportive, and their teaching style makes the course easy to understand. We are not just sitting in the classroom writing all day. We do roleplays and lots of other interesting activities. Eden Park security came into our class as guest speakers and we also have a fieldtrip to Auckland Airport. I’m only nine weeks into my course and I’ve already learnt so much – how to deal with people, how to protect ourselves, different laws and regulations.

    “My dad has worked in security for ten years, so I guess you could say I’m following in his footsteps! Ideally, I’d love to work in airport security, and I plan to apply after gaining my Level 2 and 3 security qualifications from Ignite. Eventually though, my dream is to get into the New Zealand Police. I think police officers are real heroes. They do such great work, keeping the peace and protecting people, and one day I would really like to join them.”

    Setima Papalii

  • Maths & English

    “I wanted to get into the army but I lacked the maths and English skills so I enrolled in ILN at Ignite Colleges. The course work was hard but my tutor explained everything clearly and simply, so that it was easy to understand. My tutor actually made learning fun! The course was so worthwhile – in fact I reckon I learnt more at Ignite Colleges than I did in high school.

    “After doing the course I applied for the army. They said my maths and English level was great, but unfortunately they turned me down because I have severe asthma. However they suggested I apply for the police force instead. I did that, and it looks like I’ll be starting my training next month!

    “I would recommend Ignite Colleges to anyone. Not only is it a nice environment, but the staff are all very good and get along really well with the students. They are not intimidating in any way; they are supportive and encouraging. They treat students as equals and really know what we need.”

    David Ngatuere-way
    Maths & English

  • Pre-Police & Defence Force Training

    “I’ve always wanted to join the army – the structure and the lifestyle really appeal to me. I wanted to make sure I got in, so I enrolled in Ignite Colleges’ Defence Force Preparation course to lift my academic level and better prepare myself. I’m at the end of my course now and my tutor helped me put my army application form in last week. I find out in February. Fingers crossed!

    “I’ve enjoyed everything about studying at Ignite – the practical, the physical, the academic. The course is very hands-on and we cover all sorts of things, from automotive to first aid. Yes, some papers are pretty challenging, but you get lots of support from the tutors, so you get through it just fine. The tutors and staff here are so cool and I’ve made so many new friends.”

    Ilaisa Fifita
    Certificate in Police and Defence Force Entry Preparation Level 3

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